CNA InfoBoostSM

Have you ever wished your agency management system could be compatible with carrier systems? CNA makes this possible! We're taking information sharing to a new level, allowing you to write and remarket accounts with less effort and less expense.

CNA InfoBoostSM is a suite of technology services that allows you to optimize information sharing between your agency and CNA. With InfoBoostSM, your agency management system is more powerful and robust.InfoBoostSM allows us to receive information directly from your system, eliminating the need for multiple data entry. You can easily obtain real time quotes, download the most up-to-date policy data and perform real time policy and billing inquiries, all without leaving the comfort of your agency management system.CNA is committed to its independent agents, and CNA InfoBoostSM is another enhancement that aims to elevate the way we do business with you!

Real Time Quoting

  • Enables direct upload of information from your agency management system
  • Real time quotes available for CNA ConnectSM, Workers' Compensation and Commercial Automobile policies directly from CNA Central without leaving your agency management system
  • Obtain a quote without entering non-rating related data
  • Interviewing/gapping process obtains data that may not be in your agency management system
  • Intelligent data management matches deductible and limit requests to available options
  • Enables the upload of a package as a BOP for AMS users

What does this mean for you?

  • Allows you to remarket renewals in less time, leaving more time for new business
  • Eliminates the need to enter data repeatedly
  • Reduces time to quote accounts
  • Reduces errors in data entry
  • Reduces the cost per transaction
  • Increases productivity

The following Agency Management Systems are supported:
- AMS- Applied
- AFW v4.5 or above- Prime v2.2 or above
- Sagitta v5.9 or below- WinTam 10.0 or above
- Sagitta c6.0 or above- Vision v6.1 or above
- AMS360 v1.0 or above

Want to understand how data from your Agency Management System is mapped into CNA Central during Real Time Quoting? The following documents were developed for AMS 360 and TAM to help display the mapping.

Click here for AMS 360 Auto Mapping

Click here for AMS 360 Connect Mapping

Click here for AMS 360 Workers' Compensation Mapping

Click here for the TAM Auto Mapping

Click here for the TAM BOP Mapping

Click here for the TAM Workers' Compensation Mapping

Click here for the TAM Package to BOP Conversion Mapping

To begin using Real Time Quoting, contact your Field Sales Specialist to assist in the set-up process.

Follow these easy instructions to set-up your Applied or AMS system

For technical issues please call our support desk at 1-800-CNA-Help.

To find additional tools and industry information on Real Time Quoting, click on this link to the Real Time Quoting industry organization


Automated Policy Information Download

  • Automatically updates your system overnight with new business, endorsements, renewals and cancellations

  •          - No more waiting for paper or re-entry of data
  • Policy transactions automatically download to your agency management system

  •          - Reduces the need to track pending endorsements or renewals
  • Policy data in agency management system will be more accurate

  •          - Reflects the actual issued policy data, such as VINs, addresses, etc.
  • Eliminates the need to manually enter the transaction date after the transaction is processed
  • Reduces the need for paper copies of policies
  • Direct bill commission statement download reduces the time to reconcile direct bill commission

To learn more about Download, log on to, click on Help and select Are you looking for information on CNA Commercial Download.

Real Time Policy, Claim and Billing Inquiries

  • Policy inquiries allow you to view policy information via a link from your agency management system
  • Claim inquiries allow you to view losses on a policy
  • Billing inquiries allow you to view billing and payments on a policy

Electronic Document Delivery - eDocs

  • Gives the ability to view, save, print and e-mail commercial policy documents via CNA Central
  • Works from any Internet connected workstation
  • Documents are available prior to the paper policy version
  • Electronic Policy documents are available the day after they are processed, well in advance of the paper policy version
  • Agency personnel will receive a notification via e-mail when documents are available on-line
  • eDocs are available for CNA ConnectSM, Commercial Auto, Workers' Compensation, and Umbrella policies
  • eDocs include new, renewal, endorsement, audit bill, rating worksheets and pay plans
  • eDocs are in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher

Click here to find out more about eDocs.

Click here for eDoc's FAQ.

For more information on CNA InfoBoostSM, contact your Field Sales Specialist.